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Why A Career As An Insurance Broker?
Let’s face it, no one goes through college or university thinking “boy I can hardly wait to get out of school to start an exciting insurance career!” Most of us come to this vocation, by being recruited, by chance or sometimes even as a default career choice. Once we dispel the myths around these opportunities, like “it’s boring” or “you have to be pushy or dishonest”, realizing that these notions simply are not true, (usually occurs during the interview process) you quickly discover it is anything, but boring and that honesty and integrity are the characteristics most directly related to rapid, sustained advancement. Also that the services we render are in great demand. The sense of fulfilment derived from stewarding people / businesses through some of the toughest times they’re ever going to see is very rewarding. So let’s see what’s in it for you.
As a cornerstone of Canada’s financial sector, the property and casualty insurance is a $30 billion industry in Canada. There is a 500 year history of growth in the business and it is still growing. It is virtually recession proof making insurance a career you can count on.
The work is as varied as the customers’ needs. It’s hard to imagine a career choice where you would have the chance to use more of your skills than insurance. Every day and every project presents unique challenges. There is a myriad of sectors, disciplines and specialty areas to conquer within the world of insurance. Why not choose a career that grows and changes with you.
When you choose a career path in insurance, you’re joining an elite financial services sector that’s one of the most respected in the world. You put yourself on a course that will allow you to build your skills, experience and success in one of Canada’s most respected professional communities. Insurance professionals lead businesses and communities.

The potential for growth professionally and personally is endless. If you’re ready to write a career success story and have the work ethic to back up your ambition, what better place than insurance? A career in insurance will take you as far as you want to go. Why limit yourself?

People in insurance make a difference by solving problems and helping others in their time of loss. As your career progresses in the insurance business, every day presents a new opportunity, a new challenge and the flexibility to change direction. Every day your future is in your own hands.
The industry is loaded with positive people geared toward relationship building, cooperation, security, professionalism and client centric pursuits. You know you’ve arrived when your clients start calling to ask your advice on non-insurance related matters.
Lifelong Learning
Learning about insurance and ongoing educational betterment are part of the job. The industry itself will provide some of the educational opportunities needed to advance a career. Insurance offers a career path where you can learn on the job and receive the professional training you need to reach your earning potential in a high performance environment. The fastest career growth out there is available in industries that reward you based on skills, ability, work ethic and achievement.
There are more than 110,000 Canadians working in the property and casualty insurance sector. It’s an industry that reflects the faces and the values of Canadian society. And for such a large industry, it is surprisingly relationship-driven and a close-knit family of professionals.
We all measure success differently for some its financial, for some its family, for still others its fulfillment or job satisfaction. (Making a difference) There are other measures, but I’m quite certain that these three are among most people’s top ranking elements of success. If the quality of your life and / or your family’s quality of life is important to you, assess this. As a trusted advisor you have the opportunity to guide clients to their best risk management options. Lenders demand that proper insurance be in place. Prudent business owners understand the value in protecting their business, staff and profits. We’re there to be an advocate for our clients when something goes wrong. We’ll get them through a claim situation achieving all that they are entitled to. It is a very satisfying, fulfilling feeling when you hear “We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you”. Office atmosphere and hours, home each night and weekends, above average compensation and benefits and at your option a springboard into a great social life. Financially you are rewarded on your work, your performance not some arbitrary grid. There is a direct correlation between your talent, effort and ability and your remuneration.
Personal Satisfaction and Growth
In an industry whose foundation is managing risk, preventing loss and helping people to put their lives back together after a misfortune, there is a place for people who bring caring and commitment to their work. If you seek a career that offers you the chance to succeed professionally while contributing something positive and necessary, the insurance industry gives you many options to serve the community.
The insurance industry strives to recruit and develop the broadest possible array of backgrounds in its workforce. Employers value the different life experiences of their employees, because they mirror the lives of policyholders.
Career Transferability
People that are trained as insurance professionals are among the most employable people on the continent. The skills learned in this industry are universally valuable throughout Canada and the US. As well people with insurance backgrounds are highly valued by other industries. 
Insurance is already part of everything you do. Why not find your career in it?

Why A Career with Cornerstone Insurance?
Don’t take our word for it!
Here are some comments from our people. It was an incredibly unscientific, random, off the cuff, unannounced verbal query. The question was “what is the best thing about working at Cornerstone?” (Whenever the answer was “the people”, I followed up with “what about the people?”) Here is what they said:  
  • The people - Kind, happy people
  • Team players, happy, positive
  • The people - Fun, family atmosphere
  • It’s like a family
  • The people – supportive environment
  • Family Company, nice friendly work environment
  • The Christmas Party Ha ha
  • How awesome, nice and professional it is and the teamwork
  • Treated like family. I look forward to going to work. I want to be there
  • I don’t feel threatened or bullied. It’s safe. The people here are my friends
  • The smiles. Bad moods are rare. I like the growth opportunities
  • We all hang out together
  • Caring family feel and the customers                                 
Take a Professional’s word for it!

Here is what a professional third party consultant’s survey said:
Employee Engagement Survey (EES) measures employee satisfaction via an anonymous online survey. Here are our last 7 years of results.
Year    Score             Major Challenge                         

2006    7.5/10             Communications
2007    7.1/10             Vision Clarity / Incorporate Core Values
2008    7.5/10             Develop Sales Culture
2009    8.4/10             Accountability-performance based consequences/rewards
2010    8.2/10             Growth
2011    8.6/10             Eliminate Negativity
2012    9.0/10             Become SK’s Best place to work
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